Diagnosing PBA

Diagnosing PBA would be easier for your doctor if you happened to have an outburst right in his or her office. But that doesn't always happen.  Doctors have rely on what patients and their caregivers tell them about their episodes.

PBA is Treatable

Today, PBA is treatable.  But before discussing treatments options, your doctor must be able to correctly diagnose your symptoms. That is why it's so important to accurately describe your crying or laughing episodes to your physician. One way to be prepared for your next doctor's visit is to take the assessment above or ask yourself the following questions about your crying or laughing episodes:

  • Are my episodes sometimes exaggerated or inappropriate?
  • Do my episodes actually reflect what I’m feeling inside?
  • Have I avoided spending time with my family or friends because of my unpredictable outbursts?
  • Could my crying episodes be mistaken for depression?

Once you’ve discussed your symptoms with your doctor, you can develop a treatment plan together that can help you manage your PBA outbursts.

Remember, these simple steps can help with diagnosing PBA:

  • Step 1. Take the assessment
  • Step 2. Discuss with your physician
  • Step 3. Develop a treatment plan with your doctor to manage your PBA outbursts